Can You Get a Great Teacher for $10?

When you first see our SpotLessons private lesson rate of $10 per half hour, we hope your first thought is that it sounds like a great deal. But we know that part of you is probably thinking:

Gif of Star Wars Spock Hearing of $10 Private Lessons and being skeptical

“Can I actually get a great teacher for $10?”

We had the same question when we came up with the idea for SpotLessons. We wanted to offer affordable private lessons online, so we set out to see firsthand if there were quality teachers willing to work for affordable rates.
Here's why we believed the answer would be yes.
For a moment, let's go back to a time when school work required thumbing through the musty pages of an encyclopedia. When the Encyclopedia Britannica was still in print, its 32 volumes were written by experts with top credentials such as former president Jimmy Carter. These authors and editors were collectively paid tens of millions of dollars for their contributions.

Encyclopedia Brittanica was small compared to Wikipedia

Fast forward to today, and the nearly 100-times larger Wikipedia is in near universal use. Its entries may not be written with the same polish and studious formality as the old Brittanica content, but Wikipedia is still the fastest and most effective way to get the information you need. What really sets this online encyclopedia apart is that its authors and editors do it for free.
The reason that talented and knowledgeable people devote their time to Wikipedia is because they enjoy contributing to subjects that are important to them. They're rewarded with a feeling of satisfaction by furthering the available information on subjects they feel passionate about.
There is also an informal type of Wikipedia happening everyday with one-on-one lessons. At any moment, people are helping friends and strangers with their golf swing, computer problems, financial advice, playing the guitar, parenting advice, and almost any other topic.
It's a fundamental part of us that we enjoy teaching things we excel at, and helping others who are motivated and appreciative. It's also a nice feeling to be recognized as an expert, especially when we've worked hard to become good at a given subject.

People teach each other guitar for fun

Our goal with SpotLessons is to offer the Wikipedia contributors rather than the Brittanica authors. Our teachers may have fewer academic credentials and impressive titles, but they know their topic and are intensely motivated to help others. As an added benefit, many are largely self-taught and therefore more familiar with the common pitfalls of learning with a hands-on approach.
Perhaps in the future here at SpotLessons, we'll find a way to offer our lessons completely for free – although our $1 first lesson is pretty darn close. The key reason we charge $10 is so that the teacher knows you will show up at the lesson time and be motivated to learn. They earn money doing something they love while working part-time from home at convenient hours. Teachers also establish a client base and references for the future. If they want to transition at any time to their own higher-paid tutoring or coaching, we're happy to help them.
To make sure that our teachers are high quality, we interview each and every one to ensure they have a great understanding of their topic and good internet. Those who pass create a profile where you can learn about them and schedule one-on-one lessons.
So we hope you'll take us up on our offer to give it a try for $1 with our DollarLesson coupon code. If you are ever not 100% satisfied with a lesson, we offer a complete money back guarantee. We're confident you'll be impressed with what our teachers have to offer.

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